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Designing a high quality web presence is a multi-step process; several steps must be completed before the finished product is ready to be lunched onto the World Wide Web.

DOT Technology Egypt has created a brief synopsis of each phase so that you, the client, will know what to expect from DOT Technology Egypt as well as what may be required from you to establish your new web presence; yes you have a role too!

The first step in designing a web presence is to determine the objectives of your website.

Are you trying to sell products or services? Are you trying to improve your customer service capabilities? Is your goal to provide information? Who are your audience?

Development of a clear Internet strategy in the initial stage will focus your website design to meet your objectives, our next step is to plan the preliminary website design based on consultation with the client and supplied documentation.

Upon completion, DOT Technology Egypt will present this preliminary plan to its client for approval of a flow-chart of how the web site will be structured, showing the physical layout of the site along with how the web site has

Been divided into logical sections of navigation.

After receiving our client's signed approval, DOT Technology Egypt will quote the cost of the project, based on the approved website plan.

Quotes are developed on an individual basis. We will then submit a proposal for development of the entire website as specified. Factors such as type of content, size, amount of custom programming required by the client, database creation and graphic design will determine pricing.

Build the site all resources are now pulled together and integrated into the planned web site design. Plain text will be coded and custom from created using HTML, graphic will be optimized to preview and offer input at several stages during the web site development.

The new web site will now installed at a temporary location on DOT Technology Egypt server to allow the client to view and test under live conditions.

During this preview, DOT Technology Egypt will perform any final editing or modifications the client may suggest. Final installation of all files on the web server of choice: the client will need to supply FTP to DOT Technology Egypt if the web site is to be installed on a remote server.

However, for more flexibility, control and value, DOT Technology Egypt provides hosting server for clients within the package.

Promote your new web site, DOT Technology Egypt will work with develop short descriptive phrases and keyword, which will be used to register your newly developed web site with all the major search engines.

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