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Payment Gateway Integration  

Your online products can attract the customers easily but the successful completion of a sale depends on various other services provided by you which include the payment mode. Secure money transactions over the internet are the lookout of all the customers to ensure the safety of their valuable money.

Your e-commerce site will be complete only by integrating a reliable payment gateway to process the credit card, e-checks, and other payment modes. Providing the right payment mode option is very essential for the success of an e-commerce business. All the online stores will be more successful only when they can offer more number of payment gateways for the users to choose.

DOT Technology Egypt make your shopping carts and sites friendly and reliable to the public. Our experts have vast experience in guiding you to choose the right payment gateway to integrate into all your applications, business websites, e-commerce site, shopping carts etc.

Since the users submit sensitive information on the site such as their bank account number, credit card number, etc., for money transfer, the payment gateway securely encrypts the data. We make your payment gateway integration simple and safe assuring your customers to be with you to enjoy your services online. Your e-commerce site will be complete only by the integration of a payment gateway to receive real-time payments from the customers with receipt of the payment generated instantly.

Need for Payment gateway integration

  • Act as point-of-sale terminal for online money transaction.
  • Tool to authorize the online payments.
  • Ensure security of the transaction.
  • Encryption of sensitive information.
  • Scalable support for doing e-commerce business.

Advantages of Payment gateway integration:

  • Easy payment collection with less effort.
  • Saves time without waiting time for check or DD.
  • Reduces geographical barrier.
  • Instant information about credit or debit of cash from account.
  • Secured information.

Benefits of Payment gateway integration:

  • Flexible service.
  • Real time payment.
  • Secured over net.
  • Cost effective solution for money transaction.
  • Easy installation.
  • Quick processing of transaction.
  • Instant information processing.
  • Online payment receipt.
  • Complete transaction history.

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