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By understanding the processes that make your business unique, we are able to utilize our creative skills and technological know-how to design a web site solution that will support your business now and in the future.

In many instances your web site is the first point of contact a new customer will have with you, so it is imperative that your web site design is clear and concise and easy to navigate.

Having a website means that your product can be viewed all over the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. A web site can be easily updated and having a website means that your potential customers can purchase your product from the comfort of their own home by clicking a few buttons.

DOT Technology Egypt can design you a brand new website or upgrade your existing website to improve your internet presence. We use all the latest technologies and tools such as Flash, JavaScript and Perl to help provide you with a fresh and modern web site.

All Packages include:-

Home Page Design:

A home page demo is the best way to introduce what we get from our client to the real web world. You should really know what your site will be after the web design is finished. Two demos with different appearance and colors can do a lot, you can accept one of them or do some modifications you can also refuse them and request for a new one but I think that will need a phone call with our designer again.

Finally you should get what you are looking for plus our designer experience to get the best of design for the web considering the web standards and the latest technologies on the World Wide Web

Interior Page Design:

According to the home page design our web designer should start creating the inner pages of the site with the same spirit of the home page, Every page should designed and customized regarding to the data available in that page and be easy to reach and browse as well.

Attractive pages let customer easily navigate and keep longer at your site, so we pay extra attention to inner pages. They have to be as well designed and browsed as the homepage.

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