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Multimedia CD’s

Flash Multimedia CD Presentation

DOT Technology Egypt understands that multimedia production is the most effective marketing tools and so it provides its users the best.

Multimedia CDs is one of the best way to deliver your message, and gain the attention of the public, and the best means of propaganda in the exhibitions and forever leave an impression in the minds of your customers.

Sometimes you’ll need more than a website to showcase your services or products. Can create Multimedia presentations that breakout from online limitations. DOT Technology Egypt use a combination of image, video and sound to digitally bring your message across.

Importance of Multimedia cd over Website

Multimedia CDs are not as popular as websites. However, the touch and effect you can leave from a Multimedia CD is far distant from a website.

  • Its way to greet your old and existing customers.
  • Helps in enhancing viewing experience by providing a means to represent your website in a more effective and comprehensive manner.
  • Used as a powerful marketing and communication.
  • used for trade shows exhibitions
  • used to represent your organization in exhibitions
  • Buyer presentations.

Website Multimedia CDs Services in Egypt

  • Optimized for use with CD/DVD.
  • The intro Player can be started directly without installation from a CD/DVD (auto run).
  • Simple user interface.
  • Sound integration (mid, wav, mp3).
  • Multilingual Player with English and Other language.
  • Incredibly easy to use.

Multimedia Features:

  • Auto-run feature
  • Attractive layout
  • Background music
  • 2D animation.
  • 3D animation.
  • Visual effects.
  • Friendly navigation structure.
  • Auto-run feature.
  • Visual effects
  • Sound effects
  • Background music.
  • Test scrolls.
  • Images transitions.
  • Photo galleries.
  • Logo animation.
  • Product highlight.
  • E book styles.
  • Downloadable files.

DOT Technology Egypt undertake multimedia cd design projects on basis, including cover design, CD design printing, CD writing.

Multimedia CD may include your documentary film or show reel.

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